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January 27, 2014,
The service was excellent. The In-Room Dining was always prompt and often arrived early. However, there was one gentleman working at the valet/entrance that was exceptionally kind. I can't believe I forgot his name, but he was working on valet the night we arrived at 8pm, and he had long dreadlocks. We were in and out of our hotel during our stay, and each time he was working, he was there to open the door, greet us with a smile, and ask us how our trip had been so far. Our room service was spectacular, as well. They took notice we favored one coffee over another in our room and made sure to stock extra.
Cant wait to come back!

October 12, 2013,
This is a great hotel, wonderful rooms,location & staff! A special thanks to Yolanda & Emrah who made our stay all the more special. The whole atmosphere is cool and so welcoming. Cant wait for our next trip to Chicago!!
Excellent treatment

February 07, 2013,
I had to have surgery right across the street from the Dana hotel on the 5th.Even though we have stayed at this Hotel,My wife and I were astonished at the pampering of the staff. Thanks to Yolanda,Romao,Tim,BLAIR,TJ,Criss,CEZAR,and to many others to mention that made most of my pain from my surgery go away.We will always love you and respect you YOLANDA for everything you do for us.You are a true Professional,and Excellent in Public Service.Kudos to you and the staff as always..See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Supper Servise and food

November 04, 2012,
We have stayed at this Hotel numerous times,And the staff treats us like old friends,The food is very tasty.I especially love the steak and the oysters after 4 o'clock,They are 1 dollar a piece.No matter how many times you have visited the Dana they will treat you like one of the family,Too many people to list.Thanks to all at this awesome hotel.The best in Chicago!!
Superior Management

August 21, 2012,
I just wanted to give cudos to Jeff,He is one of the Managers at this wonderful place,We were there for 2 days and he made the effert to come talk to me personaly ,i wouls say 4 or 5 times.He is a avid Golfer and so am I,so we had lot's to talk about.Thank's Jeff for everything you do for us.Sorry about my spelling.We will see you soon,You know we will..Lol..

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