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tony duran & dana the collaboration

dana hotel and spa is very proud to introduce our collaboration with renowned photographer, Tony Duran. Following a shoot for People magazine at dana hotel and spa, Duran – who rose to fame after shooting unforgettable portraits of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Tom Cruise, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pitt and countless more luminaries – fell in love with the unique look and feel of dana and urged the hotel’s team to allow him to return and and use the space as his muse. Intrigued by Tony’s vision, and unique capability of bringing dana’s “come as you are” mantra to life, Tony duran was given free reign of the property to visualize the project using dana as his muse. 

Photos & Video

the photos

Featuring an intricate use of bodies, Duran’s photos encapsulate both the sensuality and the tactile, architectural intrigues of the property, with an objective of creating a deeper understanding of and emotional response to dana’s ethos while being juxtaposed with Duran’s modern art form. More than photos, these pieces of art tell a story while capturing the dramatic backdrop of what is dana hotel and spa. 

these pieces of art tell a story
dana hotel and spa
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About Tony Duran

A Tony Duran photo evokes beauty, sensuality, and strength, and his iconic vision for his subject has made him a favorite with the Hollywood elite, advertising executives, and editors worldwide. Duran has the ability to pull out of his subject qualities that most overlook, producing a sort of intimacy that creates an archive of images that not only showcase his subject in the best light, but also defines the trajectory of that subject‘s career. His fifteen-year photographic affair with superstar Jennifer Lopez started at the very beginning of both Duran and JLo's career, both new to the business. Together, they have brought an identifiably iconic portfolio of images that stand the test of time and define key moments in the Jennifer's career. This accessibility and trust was not left to the likes of just one diva, Duran has had unprecedented entre into the world of triple threat Beyoncé, always pushing the limits of traditional celebrity photography.

Duran's ability to seduce, transform, and capture celebrities has had Hollywood lining up for years to be in front of Duran's lens including: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jane Fonda, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Spacey, Katy Perry, Mila Kunis to name a few. Publications featuring Duran's work include GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Interview, Esquire, Elle, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, and Cosmopolitan.

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