Bathroom in Dana Hotel's Utopian Suite

group room blocks

Whether your need for a group room block is a fanciful wedding in town, a meeting of mergers and acquisitions, or group travel of any manner, dana is very adept at accommodating your group needs. From our gracious amenities to our comfortable accommodations you'll enjoy your stay at dana where giving is our pleasure.

Group Room Blocks

Corridor by Tony Duran and Dana Hotel

As the best hotel for business travel, dana has been designed for living; a boutique hotel and spa that offers an artful juxtaposition that balances the beauty of natural elements with state-of-the-art technologies, making our guestrooms and suites ideal for your lifestyle and your group accommodation needs. Natural, sustainable woods, warm earth tones and flawless details create dana, one of the most unique hotels Chicago has to offer. Whether you are in town or hosting at dana, our group room blocks are perfect to fulfill your needs.

designed around natural elements
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