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From head to toe, spa at dana offers a plethora of services to best suit your desires and needs. Indulge in something for every part of your body with our enticing collection of spa services. Feel free to peruse our offerings and then simply call us or book your services directly online.

Spa Services


zen essence wrap - NEW - Quiet the mind and ward off premature aging with this ultra-hydrating ritual combining a number of our most luxurious offerings. First, an aromatherapy body scrub gently sloughs away dead skin cells. Following a shower and application of deeply nourishing body quench, your therapist will then cocoon you into bliss before performing a scalp massage as the wrap works to tone, firm and renew the skin. Arise awakened, radiant, and renewed.
80 minutes $235

hanakasumi - Experience the ancient art of beauty with this intricate body ritual. Begin with a gentle exfoliation that will slough away dry skin while increasing circulation. Then, savor in an application of warmed cherry blossom and rice powder exfoliating cream. While the cream sets in to exfoliate the body, our trained technicians will relieve stress with a focused foot or scalp massage. Complete the ritual with an application of melted aromatic shea butter to bring blissful relaxation and ultimate skin renewal.
80 minutes $210

body polish and massage - NEW - Reveal your natural glow with this combination treatment designed to target the skin and body. Your therapist will use a special blend of organic sugar, shea butter and essential oils to gently polish and soften the skin. After showering off, you will return to the treatment room to rehydrate and relax with a customized massage.
80 minutes $180

amber escape - NEW - This aromatic body ritual features hypnotic notes of amber and myrrh that will take you away for an unforgettable sensorial experience. An enzymatic exfoliating nectar is applied as sweet and woody notes calm your senses. The technician then uses a handmade Moroccan pumice stone to smooth and soften the skin. A hydrating finishing serum is applied to nourish and improve skin texture. Receive your personal pumice stone, our gift to you, to continue the benefits at home.
50 minutes $150

radiant salt scrub - Our aromatherapy body scrub is a luxurious treatment for your skin aimed at revival and replenishment. A body polish gently sloughs away dead skin cells and improves circulation. Following a shower, awakened skin is then nourished with a hydrating body crème leaving it soft, supple and radiant.
50 minutes $135


pink Himalayan stone therapy - NEW - Stone massage is reimagined through the use of warm Himalayan salt stones. Relax your body, dissolve muscle tension, and subtly detoxify. The natural healing benefits of the salt crystals will absorb negative ions calming the central nervous system. This will restore overall balance resulting in deep relaxation and improved sleep patterns.
50 minutes $145
80 minutes $185
110 minutes $225

traditional hot stone massage - In this deeply therapeutic treatment, heated volcanic stones are used with traditional massage techniques to ease muscle tension and promote deep relaxation. Optimal for those in need of targeted muscle therapy with a limited threshold for added pressure.
50 minutes $145
80 minutes $185
110 minutes $225

deep tissue massage - For the more experienced massage guest, a customized deep tissue or sports massage provides a more intense, pain relieving experience. Concentrated and more invigorating techniques focus on the deeper layers of muscles to alleviate chronic pain patterns or address deep-seated tensions.
50 minutes $140
80 minutes $180
110 minutes $220

aromatherapy massage - Bring a deeper sense of wellness to your Swedish massage through the experience of a signature blended body oil. You can choose between one of our five aromas, made with sustainably hand-harvested botanicals. Whether you are in the mood to relax or become invigorated, this treatment will bring you to an inspired state of peace and tranquility.
50 minutes $135
80 minutes $175
110 minutes $215

pre-natal massage - This wonderfully pampering and well-deserved treatment uses specially blended oils and expert massage techniques to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. Intricately placed pillows support the body in a secure resting side-lying position. Can only be performed in 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Not recommended for high-risk pregnancies.
50 minutes $135
80 minutes $175

classic swedish massage - The classic swedish massage provides an escape from the stressors of life. Light to moderate pressure with kneading and long flowing movements soothe tired muscles, increase circulation, and release tension. Excellent for those seeking physical serenity or those new to massage therapy.
50 minutes $125
80 minutes $165
110 minutes $205

couples massage - Tailor the perfect spa experience for yourself and a friend or loved one. Both guests will choose the massage of their choice to be enjoyed side-by-side in our duet suite

Woman Enjoying a facial at spa at dana


cryo CooLifting treatment - Combat anti-aging with this must have non-invasive facial lifting treatment. CooLifting uses carboxy therapy to provide immediate lifting and tightening of the skin. This will naturally strengthen the skin’s oxygen flow for a botox-like effect without the injections. Your skin will achieve 20% wrinkle reduction and 15% lifting and tightening before you leave the treatment room and will continue to tighten after the treatment. Lasting effects will continue for 30 days with a regular skin care regimen. Recurrent treatments are recommended for optimal, long-term results.

50 minutes $250 

signature HydraFacial - This unique facial combines the techniques of skin resurfacing and deep cleansing to achieve advanced anti-aging benefits. It begins with a lymphatic drainage technique to remove toxins and contour the face. The skin will be resurfaced and deep cleansed with a painless vacuum to extract blackheads & excess oil. Then, super serum brimming with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid nourish and plump skin. The HydraFacial patented vortex-infusion technology leaves skin healthy, firm and radiant.

Advance your results with an 80-minute treatment that includes a concentrated booster to address your specific skin care needs.

50 minutes $205
80 minutes $275  

intraceuticals oxygen infusion facial - The Intraceuticals oxygen facial is a non-invasive treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles and dramatically enhances overall hydration. The concentrated serum, along with hyperbaric oxygen, simultaneously infuse moisture, vitamins and antioxidants into the skin. Depart with immediate, age-defying results and skin that feels rejuvenated, radiant and lifted.

Advance your results in an 80-minute treatment that includes an atoxelene add-on: targeting expression lines around the eyes, lip and forehead enhancing overall volume, hydration and vitality. 

50 minutes $175
80 minutes $225  

resurfacing microderm facial - This customized facial paired with microdermabrasion will leave your skin more supple and vibrant. Our estheticians will gently exfoliate the skin with natural diamond chips to minimize lines, reduce breakouts and brighten. The treatment stimulates the production of new, healthy skin resulting in a more even tone and youthful appearance.

50 minutes $165
80 minutes $215  


Facial Treatment

classic european facial - This rejuvenating facial suited for all skin types is designed to maintain a healthy, clear complexion. A customized selection of specially formulated products will address the current needs of your skin and promote cellular regeneration. Indulgent massage for your face, neck and shoulders will improve circulation and enhance overall relaxation. When finished, your skin will be fresh and clarified.
50 minutes $135
80 minutes $185

men's performance facial - Men’s skin can be compromised by environmental stress and exposure to everyday elements. This rejuvenating facial is formulated for deep cleansing action to promote cellular regeneration and result in corrected skin tone. When finished, your skin will be fresh and clarified.
50 minutes $135
80 minutes $185

skin enhancements - Elevate your skincare experience by adding to your facial:

glycolic peel $35
collagen eye treatment $25
collagen neck treatment $25
nourishing lip treatment  $15

Reflexology Treatments


revitalizing scalp treatment - A combination of nutrient rich oil and gentle rhythmic touch will relax your scalp and neck. Vitamin E will provide intense conditioning to revive your scalp and leave your hair feeling silky smooth.
25 minutes $85

reflexology foot massage - Focal therapy on the feet promotes full body relaxation in this modern spa twist on a treatment traditionally used to heal.
25 minutes $85

bright eye treatment - This anti-aging eye treatment incorporates collagen, a firming serum and rich cream to revitalize the delicate under eye area. A unique massage with chilled ceramic spoons will help reduce swelling and dark circles leaving eyes with a refreshed and rested appearance.
25 minutes $85 

skin refresher facial - Awaken tired skin with this express facial. A combination of customized cleanse, exfoliation and moisturizer application will reveal a renewed shine. 
25 minutes $85 

head, neck & shoulder massage - Melt away tension with targeted therapy focusing on the areas that most commonly hold stress.  
25 minutes $75 

energizing leg & foot treatment - Revive tired feet and restore circulation to the legs with an invigorating polish followed by a deep detoxifying clay mask infused with essential oils. Legs and feet will feel energized and restored after an application of luxurious cream.  
25 minutes $60 

It's Good to Lift Your Legs


The highly skilled estheticians of our Chicago spa specialize in removing unwanted hair. For best results, hair should be ¼ inch in length. Do not use Retin A, Renova, Glycolic Acid or Accutane prior to waxing.

  • eyebrow - $25 

  • lip - $15

  • chin - $15

  • sideburns - $20

  • bikini - $45

  • brazilian - $65

  • underarms - $30

  • full leg - $70

  • half leg - $50

  • full arm - $45

  • half arm - $35

  • full back - $65

  • half back - $40

  • chest - $50

  • lash tint - $35

  • brow tint - $25


nail care

royal rose manicure & pedicure - NEW - Relax with a glass of sparkling wine while your feet soak in a calming champagne rose milk bath sprinkled with fresh rose petals. Your nails and cuticles will then be cleansed and exfoliated using a sugar scrub that will remove dull, dry or calloused skin. After enjoying a relaxing foot massage, you will get extra hydration from a paraffin treatment. Your skin will then be moisturized and softened with nourishing cream. Choose from a professional nail buff or polish application to finish. What better way to unwind!
80 minutes $135

citrus mimosa manicure & pedicure - Indulge with a hand-crafted mimosa while soaking in a vitamin-rich fresh fruit bath. Your nails and cuticles will be cleansed and exfoliated using a citrus scrub that will remove dull, dry or calloused skin. After enjoying a relaxing massage, you will get extra hydration from a paraffin treatment. Your skin will then be moisturized with an uplifting mandarin lotion. Choose from a professional nail buff or polish application to finish. Beautifully presented and truly serene, this is the perfect gift for yourself and someone special.
80 minutes $135

revitalizing sport - Soothe tired hands and feet with this invigorating treatment. Begin with a peppermint salt soak to soften your skin. Your nails and cuticles will be cleansed and exfoliated to remove dull, dry or calloused skin. Next, a detoxifying peppermint mask and warm wrap will alleviate stress in your muscles. Our technician will perform a relaxing massage and finish with a moisturizing cream to soften and treat your skin. Choose from a professional nail buff or a polish application to finish. 
pedicure 55 minutes $60
manicure 35 minutes $40 

classic manicure - First your nails and cuticles are cleansed and exfoliated. Then using our invigorating blend of marine salts and essential oils, our nail technician will remove dull, dry skin. Enjoy a relaxing hand massage followed by an application of nourishing cream to moisturize your hands. Choose from a professional nail buff or polish application to finish. 
30 minutes $30

classic pedicure - After a refreshing herbal foot soak, your nails and cuticles are cleansed and exfoliated using our invigorating blend of marine salts and essential oils that will remove dull, dry or calloused skin. After enjoying a relaxing foot massage, your skin is moisturized and softened with nourishing cream. Choose from a professional nail buff or polish application to finish. 
50 minutes $50

no chip - Experience longevity without damaging your nails. This treatment will last up to two weeks without chipping.
Add to classic pedicure and above    $15
Add to classic manicure and above   $15
removal   $10

express manicure - Perfect for those on-the-go. Includes nail shaping, light cuticle grooming and nails are perfectly polished or buffed to shine. 
20 minutes $20

express pedicure - Perfect for those on-the-go. Includes soothing foot soak, nail shaping, light cuticle grooming and nails are perfectly polished or buffed to shine. 
30 minutes $30

nail enhancements - add to classic manicure and above 

Paraffin Hands    $20
Paraffin Feet   $20
Hot Stone   $15
Dazzle Dry   $5



The professional quality products used during treatments at our Chicago spa are available for your continued care at home. You are welcome to purchase spa products at the spa reception desk, or we will ship them to you upon request. Shipping charges will be applied.

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