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In an effort to remain trend forward and provide our guests the utmost in their spa experiences,
spa at dana is thrilled to introduce new innovative features designed to enhance your spa at
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Spa Features

Pink Himalayan Salt Sauna

modern saunas with Himalayan salt walls

Beyond the obvious detoxification of dry heat via sweating, Himalayan salt further draws out impurities through the skin. It is itself, a natural detoxifier. Guests can reap the benefits by simply being in close proximity to a Himalayan salt feature.

integrated shower/steam rooms

Guests are able to further extend their detoxification/rejuvenation journey in the “wet heat” of our steam room while simultaneously bathing. Multiple shower heads provide added comfort and luxury to the experience.

chromotherapy shower heads

Chromotherapy is a therapy utilizing visual light, a very small facet of the electromagnetic spectrum. This therapy has been characterized heavily in ancient texts and is believed to be secondary to the body’s innate aura and ability to capture visual, color radiation. It is said that certain colors align directly with each of our body’s chakras, or energy centers. When a chakra or energy center is out of alignment, the associated color can be used to draw the chakra back into a state of balance. Chakras are still believed to intimately connect to internal health, so balance and alignment are of the essence.
Our chromotherapy shower heads allow our guests to select a color they feel matches their energy – often unconsciously choosing one that helps to balance their chakras in the process.

Himalayan salt stones and LED lighting *

Himalayan salt stones and LED lighting has been integrated into all treatment rooms, providing guests the benefits from light detoxification and exfoliation simply by being in the presence of these visual elements. The stones themselves are used in a modern-spin on the classic stone massage. Guests seeking a detoxifying, exfoliating, and mild heat therapy will find their match in our Himalayan salt stone massage. The LED features allow guests to benefit from a form of chromotherapy. LED has also been shown to be a collagen stimulator.
*requires treatment appointment by hotel guests

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